The dispositionEffect package allows to quickly evaluate the presence of disposition effect’s behaviors of an investor based solely on his transactions and the market prices of the traded assets.


You can install the released version of dispositionEffect from CRAN with:


Otherwise, you can also install the development version from GitHub with:



The package contains few user-friendly purpose specific interfaces:

  • portfolio_compute is a wrapper function that compute realized and paper gains and losses from the investor’s transactions and the market prices of the traded assets and updates the investor’s portfolio

  • gains_losses is the core function of the package. It performs all the necessary calculations and can be used for real-time processing (it is intended for advanced users only)

  • disposition_effect computes the disposition effect

  • disposition_difference computes the disposition difference

  • disposition_computeand disposition_summaryinterfaces that allow to easily compute disposition effect and summary statistics.


  • Mazzucchelli, 2022, An Analysis of Short Selling and Volatility Impact on the Disposition Effect (working paper)

  • Filippin, Mazzucchelli, and Zanotti, 2022, Portfolio driven disposition effect: the wide framing approach (working paper)

  • Mazzucchelli, and Zanotti, 2022, Mean reverting expectations to rationalize the disposition effect (working paper)

  • Computing Disposition Effect on Financial Market Data, 2021, useR! Conference

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